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About Sheena-Lauren

Former Australian 400m athlete

Fitness trainer & motivator

Womens Health & Fitness Contributor

Season 1 competitor Ninja Warrior Australia

Fitness Model


A former 400m Australian sprinter, training at an elite level for nine years, I had a huge dream of becoming Australia’s best. It was a frustrating career plagued with tears due to countless injuries. I made the hardest decision of my life in 2013 ‘to hang up my spikes’.

After feeling very lost in life and in search of answers, I realized something:

The vision I once had was merely a stepping- stone to a much greater dream,
a dream far greater than just myself.

 My journey on the track was not against other athletes but against myself. The decision to ‘hang up my spikes’ was perhaps the best decision of my life. The perspective I have gained through out this transition has been awakening.

I have learned that self-worth and confidence is the key to happiness and being at peace with ourself. It allows us to put our best foot forward. For me sprinting wasn’t about winning, it was about the ‘warrior’ feeling and energy I got after a courages race or training session.

The confidence that can be gained and belief that anything is possible through pushing limits and comfort zones in the gym, has the power to transition into the every day things we do. The countless injuries I fought to overcome, the countless lonely training laps and sacrifices made in the belief that ‘I could’ has created the strong and proud warrior women that I am today.

My dream ‘put on your war paint ladies’ is about inspiring and bringing together a community of women who are strong physically and mentally. Feel good. Look good. Be unstoppable.

Every single women has something unique to offer. It starts with a strong and confidence YOU!


The Fitness Warrior

You can learn more about Sheena-Lauren on her Warrior Fitness and Personal Training pages.