Warrior Fitness

| Group sessions

Each 45min-1hr class is designed to burn maximum calories in a minimum amount of time. Our classes combine functional and multi-directional movements utilizing free weights, conditioning equipment and body weight. Motivation is the biggest factor when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. Our womens only and girl boss group fit environment is deigned to make getting results and kicking butt easier than ever before.

Personal Training

| 1 on 1 sessions

If you are a beginner or looking to take your training to the next level our experienced trainers will design a personalized program and give you the 1 on 1 attention you will need within each 45min PT session.

Buddy Training

| You and a friend

Here at warrior gym, we love our buddy session option. It offers the benefits of PT whilst cutting the cost in half for you. We think there is nothing better then sweating it out and kicking butt in the gym with another girl boss on a mission. We encourage you to join forces with a friend however we are more than happy to match you up with a like minded female with similar goals.

Small Groups

| Max 6 people

Small groups is design for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 females with similar goals in mind. We encourage businesses for good team spirit, friendship groups and mums on a mission. Small group fitness can tailor design the class to the groups fitness goals. Whether it be weightloss or muscle growth and shape we have got you covered. Small groups are privately arranged in order to decide on a timeslot that best suits you and your gang.