Small Groups

| Max 6 people

Small groups is design for a minimum of 4 and a max of 6 females with similar goals in mind. We encourage business for good team spirit, friendship groups and mums on a mission. Small group fitness can tailor design the class to the groups fitness goals. Whether it be weightloss or muscle growth and shape we have got you covered. Small groups are privately arranged in order to decide on a timeslot that best suits you and your gang.

Small group session
1 session

A personalised design program to suit the groups fitness goals. Each person will be guided, motivated and given the attention needed within each 1 hour small group session.

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Warrior personalised nutritional plan

eat well

A complete customized eating planned design for your body and your fitness goals based on the foods you like to eat. We will custome design it based around your lifestyle so it works for you, making it easy to stick to.

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8 week warrior

lock it in


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