Warrior Fitness

| Group sessions

Each 45m-1hr class is designed to burn maximum calories in a minimum amount of time. Our classes combine functional and multi-directional movements utilizing free weights, conditioning equipment and body weight.

Motivation is the biggest factor when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. Our womens only and girl boss group fit environment is deigned to make getting results and kicking butt easier then ever before. Join our warrior trainers with the fun and infectious energy of team training in our brand new custom designed warrior gym.

Our warrior group fitness timetable was designed with your convenience in mind. We have on offer multiple morning and evening classes including weekend classes to ensure you get your workouts done and stay on track with your results.

We encourage you to bring your girlfriends , have a blast while we guide you through your workout step by step.

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Come and experience a warrior group fitness class with the girls with a no obligation casual pass visit.

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1 week of UNLIMITED warrior group fitness access.

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3 months of UNLIMITED weekly warrior group fitness access.

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12 months of UNLIMITED weekly warrior group fitness access.

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Warrior Personalised nutritional plan

eat well

A complete customized eating plan, design for your body and your fitness goals based on the foods you like to eat. We will custome design it based around your lifestyle, so it works for you, making it easy to stick to.

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8 week warrior

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